William H. McKellin

Medical, linguistic and cultural anthropology; socio-linguistics and discourse analysis; clinical medical anthropology; genetics and society; international health; cognitive anthropology; kinship and social organization; Papua New Guinea; Canada.

Child Bright Coaching Current

BRIGHT Coaching: A Developmental Coach System to Empower Families of Preschoolers with Developmental Delays

Healthy children develop critical skills during the preschool years. But children with developmental delays may struggle in the development of such skills. For parents, accessing the best diagnostic and interventional care and the best services during this important period of their child’s development is often difficult. This study asks whether a standardized and nationally available online education tool and coaching resource is feasible and helpful to parents as their preschool child transitions to school entry.

Funded by CIHR-SPOR

Physical Activity Strategies to Enhance Children’s Development and Families’ Resilience: A Knowledge Translation Collaboration with BC Special Olympics Current

To implement a knowledge translation (KT) intervention to boost the impact of coaching within a Special
Olympics (SO) program for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) that improves children’s
abilities and families’ well-being.

Funded by Kids Brain Health (NCE)

Genomic Sequence Data in BC Indigenous Peoples Completed

Investigating the clinical value of genomic information for BC Indigenous communities.

Funded by Genome BC

To Evaluate the Role of Mobile Phone SMS Text Messages in Improving Vaccine Coverage among Children in Certain Districts of Pakistan Completed

A study of the use of sms messaging to improve childhood vaccination rates in two cities in Pakistan.

Funded by Grand Challenges Canada

PEGASUS-2 – PErsonalized Genomics for prenatal Abnormalities Screening USing maternal blood Current

A study of primary screening for prenatal abnormalities using maternal blood.

Funded by Genome Canada

Implementing physical activity programs in communities for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities Current

Implementing physical activity programs in communities for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities

A study of the implementation of physical activities programs in rural and Indigenous communities in British Columbia.

Funded by the Michael Smith Health Research Foundation

Physical activity programs for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families: Community partnerships to implement the New Physical Activity Coaching (New-PAC) intervention Current
May, 2020April, 2023

Implementation of physical activities programs for children with neurological developmental disabilities and their families in Canada.

Funded by the Kids Brain Health Network -a Canadian National Centre of Excellence

Medical anthropology: impact of genetic testing on families and clinicians; disability; qualitative health research. Sociolinguistics: cultural and cognitive models; interpretation of metaphors.

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Winter 2020

ANTH400A History of Anthropology - HISTORY OF ANTH Sections

The development of anthropological theory and practice in institutional contexts.

Winter 2020
No ANTH course(s) were found for W2020 term.Winter 2020
No ANTH course(s) were found for W2020 term.Winter 2020
No ANTH course(s) were found for W2020 term.
Anth 428 Medicine, Technology, Culture, and Society

A medical anthropological perspective on medical science, technology, translational research, and clinical practice, in laboratory, clinic, family, social, and cultural contexts. Topics include explanatory models of health, acute and chronic illness, disability; social and cultural dimensions genetics; clinical interaction.

Anth 519 01 Seminar in Medical Anthropology
Anth 417 Language, Culture, and Cognition
Award for Excellence in Medical Education, British Columbia Children’s and Women’s Hospitals , 2002