Awards & Financial Aid

Below is an overview of awards and funding opportunities offered by UBC. More detailed information on Departmental Awards, the Graduate Support Initiative Award and Affiliated and External Awards can also be found in this section.

All full-time students who begin a UBC-Vancouver PhD program in September 2018 or later will be provided with a funding package of at least $18,000 for each of the first four years of their PhD. The funding package may consist of any combination of internal or external awards, teaching-related work, research assistantships, and graduate academic assistantships. Please note that many graduate programs provide funding packages that are substantially greater than $18,000 per year. Please check with your prospective graduate program for specific details of the funding provided to its PhD students.

Graduate Entrance Scholarships

Graduate Entrance Scholarships (GES) are offered by graduate programs and departments to incoming full-time masters and doctoral students on a merit basis. Prospective students do not have to apply for the GES; all admission applicants will be considered. GES award winners will be notified of their award in their acceptance letters or soon after.

Tuition Awards

International Partial Tuition Award

Doctoral Fellowships

UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowships

Travel Awards

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers a one-time $400 (maximum) grant for conference travel. For more information on this and other travel awards, please click here.

Other Awards & Financial Aid