Faculty Committees

Anthropology Committee Memberships for 2020-2021


AGSC: Anthropology Graduate Studies Committee
Darlene Weston (Chair)
Shaylih Muehlmann
Bruce Miller

AUSC: Anthropology Undergraduate Studies Committee
Sabina Magliocco (Co-chair)
Tracey Heatherington (Co-chair)
Zhichun Jing
Amir Shiva (T1)

Bill McKellin (T1)
Nicola Levell
Amir Shiva (T2)

Museum of Anthropology (MOA) Liaison (ex-officio)
Zhichun Jing

Special Events
Sara Shneiderman
Hugh Gusterson

Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) Director
Sue Rowley

Department Review
Andrew Martindale

Andrew Martindale (Chair)
Charles Menzies
Daisy Rosenblum

Sue Rowley

Diversity, Inclusion, and Community
Camilla Speller

Awards: Faculty
Carole Blackburn (Chair)
Leslie Robertson

Awards: Students
Millie Creighton (Chair)
Mark Turin

On Leave or Seconded to other units or programs
W. Davis
V. Kamat (both terms)
S. Shneiderman (T2)
G. Gordillo (both terms)
P. Moore (both terms)
J. Kramer (both terms)


Updated: September 1, 2020