Research Opportunities

Students in anthropology courses have numerous opportunities to participate in and advance their own research with facilities, classroom-based courses, field courses, the honours program, and opportunities within and beyond the department.


Anthropology is associated with the Museum of Anthropology, one of the world’s premier teaching and research museums. The Laboratory of Archaeology houses labs, equipment and collections that can be accessed for research. The Department has an undergraduate computing lab and UBC has an extensive library materials relating to anthropology.

Classroom-based Courses

Several upper year Anthropology (ANTH and ARCL) courses include a research project as part of the course work including: ANTH 418, 431, 451, 452, 478; ARCL 405, 406, 425, 430.

Field Courses

Anthropology students can get hands-on research experience in ethnography with the undergraduate Ethnographic Field School (ANTH 480) or in archaeology with the Archaeological Field Schools (ARCL 306). For both field schools, undergraduates should contact the Department in February for the current year’s offerings or check current calendar listings for field school information.

The Honours Program

Approved students can take 6 credits of ANTH 449 as a directed research honours project.

Research Opportunities in Anthropology

Undergraduates are also invited to the Department’s regular Archaeology Lab Nights to assist archaeological research projects. Contact Andrew Martindale for more details.

Experiential Opportunities at UBC

There are numerous options for engaging in research at UBC. Take a look at the Experiential Opportunities tab on the left sidebar for research opportunities outside of the department.