What Can I Do With My Degree?

­Anthropology prepares people for careers as consultants to governmental and community organizations, medical researchers, personnel managers, teachers, doctors, archaeologists, graphic designers, architects, city planners, environmental researchers, editors, international aid workers, marketing researchers, journalists and much else. Surveys conducted by the American Anthropological Association show that most people with one or more degrees in anthropology find satisfying employment within a short time of graduation. The following websites provide more information about future career possibilities with an Anthropology degree.

UBC provides a number of services to help students find satisfying employment that makes the best use of their skills.

Finally, be sure to attend Careers Night, co-sponsored by the Department and the Anthropology Students Association during Anthropology Week in March. Enjoy a fun evening with food and refreshments and the chance to chat with alumni from our program who have gone on to fabulous non-anthropological careers!