ANTH 302: Ethnography of South Asia



ANTH 302: Ethnography of South Asia

Term 2, Summer Session | July-August 2020

Instructor: Sara Shneiderman

This course introduces students to the cultural, social, political and religious lives of people in and from the region known as “South Asia”. Students will also learn about key debates in the anthropological study of the region, from classical concerns about caste and kinship to contemporary discussions of urbanization, development, health, conflict, and natural disasters.

Throughout the course, we focus on the production of different kinds of “South Asian” identities, including regional, national, ethnic, linguistic, gendered and political forms of self-definition in both South Asian and diasporic locations. Lectures and readings cover a broad range of material from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Students will have several opportunities to focus in-depth on their own regional and thematic interests.

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