UBC Press ‘Memory’ book features members of our Department

From October 2018, Memory is available through UBC Press. Co-edited by UBC Anthropology faculty member Mark Turin, Philippe Tortell (Peter Wall Institute) and Margot Young (UBC Law), the collection has contributions from seven UBC Anthropology faculty and community members, including Wade Davis, Nicolla Levell, Andrew Martindale, Sara Shneiderman, Diana Marsh and Laura Osorio Sunnucks.

Taking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I as a catalyst, this book examines the character of memory and remembrance. The essays ask readers to think creatively and deeply about the composition and practice of memory, and how it is transmitted, recorded, and distorted through time and space.

Memory navigates a broad terrain, with essays drawn from a diverse group of contributors who capture different perspectives on the idea of memory in fields ranging from molecular genetics, astrophysics and engineering to law, Indigenous oral histories, and the natural world. This book challenges readers to think critically about memory. Reflecting upon memory in engaging and unexpected ways, this collection offers an interdisciplinary roadmap for exploring how, why, and when we remember.