Remembering Professor Emeritus Kenelm Burridge


The Department of Anthropology is saddened to report the passing of Kenelm Burridge on May 21 at age 97.

Kenelm came to UBC in the late 1960s after a distinguished career in Australia, Malaysia, Iraq and Oxford. He was a major figure in the study of millenarianism and a pioneer in what has become the anthropology of Christianity. At UBC, he supervised a large number of graduate students and, through his wonderful stories of field research, inspired generations of undergraduates. Like Martin Silverman and Cyril Belshaw, who we also lost this year, he served as a Department Head.

Click below to watch Kenelm reflect on his time at UBC.

YouTube Preview Image

Memorial text by John Barker.

Video by Anthropologie et Sociétés and Département d’anthropologie de l’Université Laval.