ASTU 4XX: Tools of Travel

Tools of Travel: Tourism Mobilities and the Making of Place

This is a full 3-credit course that will receive an ASTU 400 course code. The only prerequisite is that students are in at least their third academic year. It is designed as a peer-run UBC Student Directed Seminar.

Course Description

Travel is ubiquitous throughout humanity, and tourism may be quantified as the world’s largest industry. What ‘tools’ do travelers use to construct encounters with people and environments? How do different strategies of movement, accommodation, and sociality shape and inform experiences of place and culture?

Course literature and activities will begin with and depart from traditional studies on tourism destinations and host/guest dynamics to primarily focus on the processes of spaces, tools, and sensations that accompany the logistical construction of recreational travel experiences (e.g. transportation, trip planning, accommodation, guiding).

This course emerges out of blurring disciplinary lines within the social sciences (chiefly anthropology, geography, and sociology) and interdisciplinary subfields that have recently come into focus (Mobilities and Sensory/Affect Studies). This interdisciplinary course is perfect for the format of the Student Directed Seminar that is co-led among peers, because the direction of the course is flexible. Therefore, student backgrounds and interests will be taken into account to finetune the syllabus.

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*Please note*: This course has not yet been assigned a course code nor time/location. This will be finalized in the final week of classes in Term 1. The Coordinator is James Binks (Honours Anthropology student), and the Faculty Sponsor is Professor Sabina Magliocco from the Department of Anthropology.