Andrew Martindale

I am an anthropological archaeologist whose research and teaching expertise has focused on the Northwest Coast and includes the history and archaeology of complex hunter-gatherers of western North America, the archaeology and ethnohistory of cultural contact and colonialism, archaeology and law, space-syntax analysis of architecture and households, and the use of indigenous oral records in archaeology.

My current work includes a long term partnership with the Lax Kw’alaams and Metlakatla First Nations that explores their history over the Holocene via a comparison of archaeological data and indigenous oral records.

I also work with Musqueam First Nation in a partnership to offer UBC undergraduate courses that advance the analysis of archaeological research conducted in their territory.

I have an interest in the use of ground penetrating radar to locate human burials, work that I offer primarily as service for First Nations.

I am the Director of the Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database, which was transferred to UBC LOA from the Canadian Museum of History in 2014:


Graduate Supervision:

Current Students:

TJ Brown (PhD)
Steven Daniel (PhD)
Jonathan Duelks (MA, PhD)
Eric Simons (PhD)
Malika Hays (MA)
Jordan Handley (MA)

Past Students:

Tatiana Nomokonova (Post-Doc)
Chelsey Armstrong (Post-Doc)
Eric Guiry (PhD, Post Doc)
Chris Arnett (PhD)
Bryn Letham (PhD)
Iain McKechnie (PhD)
Timothy Allan (MA)
Steven Daniel (MA)
Kyla Hynes (MA)
Raini Johnson (MA)
Marina La Salle (MA)
Angela Ruggles (MA)






I am an archaeologist and my research explores the histories of Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America, specifically that of Tsimshian and Musqueam communities. I think that working collaboratively with indigenous descent communities creates a fundamental interdisciplinarity between the traditions of western and Indigenous scholarship. My recent work is an explicit evaluation of the links between the science of material history and the literature of Indigenous oral records. This work has demonstrated the remarkable capacity of Indigenous oral records to accurately record millennia of history. These results also cast some light on the vulnerabilities of different knowledge frameworks, including those of science, to ethnocentrism in the description and explanation of history. My work addresses these in both anthropological theory and, increasingly, the interpretation of archaeology in Canadian legal history of Aboriginal rights and titles. Closer to home, I am part of a joint Musqueam-UBC platform for research and teaching partnerships focusing on history and archaeology. I also work with First Nations communities using archaeological methods to locate unmarked cemeteries and graves, including those associated with Indian Residential Schools.

Photo credit: Brian Thom.

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Not Peer Reviewed

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Selected Reports

  • 2020.  (Martindale, Andrew). Exploring the Nine Tribes-Nisga’a Territorial Dispute with Reference to Tsimshianic Legal Principles from Published and Archival Sources. Volume 2. Report submitted to the Ministry of Justice, British Columbia.
  • 2019A. (Martindale, Andrew). Exploring the Nine Tribes-Nisga’a Territorial Dispute with Reference to Tsimshianic Legal Principles from Published and Archival Sources. Volume 1. Report submitted to the Ministry of Justice, British Columbia.
  • 2019B. (Martindale, Andrew). Exploring the Nine Tribes-Nisga’a Territorial Dispute with Reference to Tsimshianic Legal Principles from Published and Archival Sources. Volume 1 Addendum. Report submitted to the Ministry of Justice, British Columbia.
  • 2015a (Martindale, Andrew). A Summary and Analysis of Specific Errors in Lovesik’s (2007) Expert Witness Report Prepared for The British Columbia Department of Justice and Submitted as Evidence in R. v Lax Kw’alaams. Unpublished report.
  • 2011 (Martindale, Andrew and Susan Marsden). Analysis of territorial claims made in “Lax Kw’alaams: Review of Historical and Ethnographic Sources” and “Metlakatla: Review of Historical and Ethnographic Sources” documents prepared by the Aboriginal Research Division of the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General Legal Services Branch. Report prepared for the Lax Kw’alaams and Metlakatla Indian Bands.
Winter 2020
No ARCL course(s) were found for W2020 term.Winter 2020

ARCL406A Analytical Techniques in Archaeology - LAB TECH ARCHEGY Sections

A survey of methods and techniques in the interpretation of archaeological data; practical experience in processing and analyzing archaeological materials by means of a research project. Students will prepare manuscripts, drawings and photographs for publication and will learn the basics of lithic and faunal analyses.

Major Awards

  • 2019. UBC VPRI Research Facility Support Grant. (Andrew Martindale, Patricia Ormerod, David Pokotylo, Darlene Weston, Michael Blake, Camilla Speller, Zichun Jing, Sue Rowley).
  • 2018. UBC VPRI Research Facility Support Grant (Andrew Martindale, Patricia Ormerod, David Pokotylo, Darlene Weston, Michael Blake, Camilla Speller, Zichun Jing, Sue Rowley).
  • 2018. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Andrew Martindale, Ken Ames, Kisha Supernant, Bryn Letham, Eric Guiry, Susan Marsden).
  • 2018. UBC VPRI Research Excellence Cluster Award (Andrew Martindale, Dominique Weis, Alison Wylie, Jessica Metcalfe, Ray McMillan, Eric Simons)
  • 2013. UBC Dean’s Innovation Fund (Andrew Martindale, Sue Rowley, Leona Sparrow).
  • 2012-2015. National Science Foundation (Ken Ames, Andrew Martindale, Kevan Edinborough).
  • 2012. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Scholarship Early Career Scholar and Faculty Associate.
  • 2011-2014. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Andrew Martindale, Ken Ames, Aubrey Cannon, Susan Marsden, David Archer).
  • 2010. UBC Martha Piper Fund (Tony Pitcher, Mimi Lam, Andrew Martindale, Ronald Trosper, Rashid Sumaila).
  • 2010-2013. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Charles Menzies, Caroline Butler, Andrew Martindale, Michael Richards).
  • 2008. UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (Andrew Martindale, Sue Rowley, Leona Sparrow, Hector Williams, Steve Daniel).
  • 2007. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Andrew Martindale).
  • 2006-2009. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Charles Menzies, Caroline Butler, Felice Wyndham, Andrew Martindale).
  • 2006-2008. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Darren Gröcke, Aubrey Cannon, Andrew Martindale).
  • 2005-2008. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Andrew Martindale).
  • 2003. McMaster Learning and Technology Resource Centre (Andrew Martindale).
  • 2000-2003. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Andrew Martindale).
  • 1997. British Columbia Heritage Trust (Andrew Martindale).