Graduate Student Stories

The Department of Anthropology is delighted to announce a new series, Graduate Student Stories. Our graduate students are deeply committed to their research programs and excited to have the chance to reflect on their work and their participation in UBC’s Anthropology Graduate Program.

Through this series, you’ll learn about the motivations and aspirations of graduate students in Anthropology at UBC, hear about their current research interests, and some more personal insights into academic life. Whether you are a prospective graduate student, or simply interested to know more about the UBC Anthropology Graduate Program, we hope you enjoy these graduate student stories.

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Kamal Arora

Program: PhD

Specialization: Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: The longterm impact of sociopolitical violence on Sikh women in New Delhi, the anthropology of Sikhism and religion, South Asian studies, race, diaspora studies, violence, affect and emotion, postcolonialism, death and mourning, qualitative methods, research ethics, women’s studies, and ethnography as practice

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Deanne Beier

Program: MA

Specialization: Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: First Nations studies, environmental sustainability, and the vast variety of interlocking relationships between humans, creatures and the planet.

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Michelle Hak Hepburn

Program: PhD

Specialization: Socio-cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: How people categorize different forms of “nature” and how they interact and relate with the world around them.

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Grad Stories - Heather RobertsonHeather Robertson

Program: PhD

Specialization: Anthropological Archaeology

Research Interests: How body size and body mass impact bioanthropological methods of sex estimation in the human skeleton and how we can better understand and apply ideas of intersexuality in our interpretation of skeletal sex.

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Martina Volfova

Program: PhD

Specialization: Linguistic Anthropology

Research Interests: Issues surrounding language endangerment, revitalization, maintenance, and most recently language documentation.

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Grad Stories - Clayton WhittClayton Whitt

Program: PhD

Specialization: Socio-cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: How people in an agricultural community in the western highlands of Bolivia are experiencing and reacting to different environmental problems.

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