ANTH 202: Cool Media: The Graphic Art of Telling Tales by Dr. Nicola Levell

ANTH 202:

Cool Media: The Graphic Art of Telling Tales

An anthropological exploration of storytelling and graphic arts, focusing on their intersection with contemporary issues.




Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of being human. By telling tales, we share our collective values, lessons and memories. Stories enable us to feel empathy and establish emotional bonds.

Stories are key to our socialization; they entertain, and allow our imaginations to fly. In this course, we look at the creative intersection of storytelling and graphic arts. We explore visual storytelling through comparative media such as Japanese manga, Haida manga, West Bengali painted scrolls, Indigenous and Middle Eastern graphic novels, African comics & comics on Africa, Mexican codices, storied paintings, and more besides. For each genre, we engage with contemporary issues including human rights, environmental activism, Indigenous sovereignty, the global pandemic, cosmopolitan aesthetics, and the politics of memory and loss.


Winter Term 2

Tuesdays & Thursdays




Dr. Nicola Levell