ANTH 540: Humans and Animals


Prof. Sabina Magliocco


Winter II (Jan-Apr 2020)


Wednesdays 2:00 – 5:00 PM


ANSO 205

Course Description

Humans and animals co-habit planet Earth, and share some of the same biological, neurological and emotional characteristics. We evolved together, and humans have long depended on animals for food, clothing, labor, and companionship. This seminar will explore the relationships between humans and animals from an anthropological perspective, including hunting, herding, the development of domestication, animals’ roles in human spiritual and cosmological systems, and the ethical complexities of human-animal relationships in the 21st century. Readings will draw from ecological anthropology, ethology, ontological anthropology and “the animal turn,” an interdisciplinary theoretical movement that considers human-animal relations in the Anthropocene.