Anthropology 495. The Last Class: Anthropology, the Indigenous World, and the State

Dr. Bruce Miller

Fall 2022
Term 1, Tuesdays & Thursdays

 This is a “last class” (the last I will teach) seminar in which I examine the anthropological and real-world issues which concern me and are the topics of my publications and public activities as an ethnographer, expert witness in courts and tribunals, and researcher with Indigenous nations. My focus broadly has been on the anthropology of the Indigenous world and its intersection with nation-states, following from fieldwork in North America, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil. This approach to anthropology includes both comparative work and detailed, long-term work with Indigenous communities. We’ll use excerpts from my own publications and those of others in addition to talking with guest speakers. I hope it will be fun and I look forward to hearing peoples’ perspectives.