Anthropology Student Projects

UBC Archeology dig in Anyang, 2012

UBC Anthropology students are involved in many research projects through field education, exhibits, and more.

ARCL 306: UBC Archaeology field school on the Harrison River, 2019

The Department of Anthropology at UBC offered a six-credit archaeology field school in partnership with the Sts’ailes First Nation located 130 km east of Vancouver in the Harrison River Valley.

Orientation and lab week begins at UBC, and then during weeks 2-5, students live in a Sts’ailes family longhouse and participated in archaeological survey, mapping, and excavation of ancient houses and other features in ancestral villages.

Students learned to record, analyze, and preserve archaeological materials as they contribute to the community’s long-term archaeological heritage and cultural awareness program.

Sts'ailes Archaeology Field School Documentary

Check out some of the work UBC students did last year at the Sts'ailes Archaeology Field School! The field school is running again this year and applications are now open at:

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ANTH431: “Museum Practice and Curatorship” Student Exhibit, 2018

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Ethnographic Film Unit at UBC, 2013

UBC Archeology dig in Anyang, 2012

UBC Archeology dig in Anyang, China - 2012