Archaeological Laboratory Partnership Course with Musqueam Indian Band

ARCL 406A with Andrew Martindale.

A New Partnership Course in Archaeology. UBC Anthropology Department is developing a new archaeology course to be held at Musqueam. The course is being developed by the team that created the Musqueam-UBC Archaeological Field School, which ran from 2007-2010. The new course will focus on collections analysis and history at the archaeological site of c̓əsnaʔəm  (aka Marpole, DhRs-1) and, like its predecessor, will take place entirely at Musqueam. UBC holds the largest collection of Musqueam materials from heritage sites, and one of the goals of this new partnership course is to advance the analysis of these collections while teaching students about Musqueam archaeology and history. The course is being funded by a grant from the UBC Dean of Arts, and will include assistance from Musqueam community members as research assistants and community advisors, who will join in the discussions and help students as they work towards an understanding of the c̓əsnaʔəm site and its long history. Classes will be held at the  Musqueam cultural centre on Wednesdays from 1-4pm; although the first class (September 3) will be held in the Borden Lab at MOA (beside the cafe).  Please contact Andrew Martindale ( for questions.

Students can take up to 6 credits of ARCL 406, so students who already have 3 credits of 406 are welcome to register for this class.