Moira Irvine Archaeological Research Fund

Who was Moira Irvine?

Moira Irvine was involved in archaeology at UBC for over 30 years, first as a student, then as archaeological assistant to C.E. Borden and the rest of the faculty.  She served as a resource for students as well as equipping field expeditions and solving practical research problems.

What is the Moira Irvine Archaeological Research Fund (MIARF)?

To honour the memory of Moira Irvine’s generous work with students, and to help continue where she left off, the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) has established the Moira Irvine Archaeological Research Fund.  This endowment fund provides small awards to help support undergraduate archaeological research projects including:

  • fieldwork
  • analysis of archaeological collections
  • report preparation for publication
  • travel to conferences to present research results

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students at UBC taking courses in archaeology in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology or in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious studies may apply.

How do undergraduate students apply? 

Application for project assistance from the Moira Irvine Fund may be made through any archaeology faculty member serving on the Laboratory of Archaeology Committee (LOA).  Prior awards have ranged up to $300.  Awards are granted by consensus of the LOA Committee.


  1. Complete the two page application form (available from members of the LOA).
  2. Obtain sponsoring faculty member’s signature on application.
  3. Submit completed application to the curatorial research assistant, ANSO Room 1216.
  4. A copy of the resulting report must be submitted to the LOA for the Archaeology Reading Room.