Full-time Faculty


Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Legal and political anthropology, race and colonization, human rights, indigenous rights and sovereignty, First Nations and the Canadian state, injury, trauma and reconciliation

Phone: 604-822-2303

Email: blcarole@mail.ubc.ca

Department Head

Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Migration and transnationalism, anthropology of gender, statelessness, ethnographic methods and writing, socialist cultures and projects of modernity, Eurasia, peoples of Siberia

Phone: 604-822-3160

Email: abloch@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Japan, Japanese descent communities (Nikkei or Nikkeijin), Korea, inter-Asian relations, identity, consumerism, popular and mass culture, gender, minorities, work and leisure

Phone: 604-822-5426

Email: millie.creighton@ubc.ca

Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk

Ethnobotany, biodiversity, contemporary development issues, ethnohistory and oral traditions, ethnogeography

Email: wade.davis@ubc.ca

Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Terrain and the materiality of space; violence; affect; ruins and ruination; indigeneity; critical theory and continental philosophy; protests and insurrections; the “soy boom” and resistance to agribusiness in South America; Argentina; the Gran Chaco

Phone: 604-822-3797

Email: gordillo@mail.ubc.ca


Militarism, anthropology of science, neoliberalism, counterinsurgency, securitization, nuclear policy, drones, the polygraph, drug policy

Email: hugh.gusterson@ubc.ca

Associate Professor

Environmental anthropology, Anthropocene studies, political ecology of nature conservation, multi-species ethnography, power & resistance, critique of neoliberalism, sustainable food systems, ethnographic writing and reflexivity, anthropological engagements with fiction.

Email:  tracey.heatherington@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Archaeology of early China; geoarchaeology; human impact on ancient environments; archaic states and early complex societies; systematic regional survey and analysis; quantitative analysis; environmental archaeology; provenance of archaic jades

Phone: 604-822-4937

Email: jingzh@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology
Keith Burwell Professorship in Anthropology

Medical anthropology; global health; Tanzania: childhood malaria; India: outsourcing of clinical drug trials

Phone: 604-822-4820

Email: kamatvin@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Museum/Sociocultural Anthropology
Visual culture and ‘art’ of the First Nations of the Northwest Coast, specifically the Nuxalk, Heiltsuk, Wuikinuxv, and Kwakwaka’wakw. Art market economies, identity production, representation, repatriation, cultural property, aboriginal cultural tourism, indigenous modernity, and collaborative and critical museology

Phone: 604-827-1868; 604-822-9851

Email: jennifer.kramer@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Museum Anthropology

Critical museology and curatorial practice; the global politics of tangible and intangible cultural heritages; the production of space; technologies of memory and place; the history of museums and museum anthropology, with special reference to the material, visual and performative cultures of Asia and the Pacific Northwest

Phone: 604-822-9856

Email: nicola.levell@ubc.ca

Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Folklore and expressive culture; ritual, festival and religion; magic and witchcraft; modern Pagan religions; ethnic/regional/national identity; animal studies; ethnographic writing. Mediterranean, Great Britain, North America

Email: sabina.magliocco@ubc.ca

Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Associate Head

Director, Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (CARD)

Northwest Coast archaeology and history; vernacular architecture and engineering; radiocarbon dating and calibration; landscape and settlement analyses; Indigenous oral records; colonialism and culture contact; archaeology and the law. 

Phone: 604-822-2545

Email: andrew.martindale@ubc.ca

Medical, Linguistic and Sociocultural Anthropology

Medical anthropology: impact of genetic testing on families and clinicians; disability; qualitative health research. Sociolinguistics: cultural and cognitive linguistics

Phone: 604-822-2756

Email: william.mckellin@ubc.ca

Professor, Anthropology

Hagwil Hayetsk di waayu. Gispuwada di pdeegu (Gitxaała Nation). Ethnography of the North West Coast (N.AM)  and Western Europe, natural resource dependent communities and resource management policies, traditional ecological knowledge and Indigenous archaeology,  political economy of social struggle, and ethnographic film methods.

Email: charles.menzies@ubc.ca

Twitter: @charlesmenzies

Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) Fellow

Legal anthropology, Indigenous peoples and their relations with the state in its various local, national, and international manifestations; Native North America, with focus on the Coast Salish of British Columbia and the state of Washington

Phone: 604-822-6336

Email: bgmiller@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Linguistic/Sociocultural Anthropology 

First Nations languages, literacy and orality, oral traditions, Dene (Athbaskan languages and cultures), codeswitching, gender, indigenous activism, and the anthropology of media

Phone: 604-822-6359

Email: patrick.moore@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Linguistic/Sociolocultural Anthropology

Canada Research Chair in Language, Culture and the Environment

environmental conflict; language and identity; the construction of inequality and the formation of social subjects;  northern Mexico 

Phone: 604-822-1913

Email: shaylih@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology


Memory & colonialism; indigenous and settler historiography; ethnography & oral history;  history of anthropology; constructions of difference

Phone: 604-822-2878

Email: leslie.robertson@ubc.ca

Assistant Professor, Linguistic Anthropology

Language Reclamation, Language Documentation, Community-Engaged Methodologies, Knowledges and Grammars of Space, Traditional Ecological Knowledges, Polysynthetic Languages, Discourse-Functional Linguistic Analysis

Phone: 604-822-9857

Email: daisy.rosenblum@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Archaeology/Museum Anthropology

Repatriation, museums, material culture, representation, intellectual property rights, access to cultural heritage, public archaeology, Arctic archaeology, oral history, ethnohistory

Phone: 604-822-0258

Email: susan.rowley@ubc.ca

Lecturer, Sociocultural Anthropology

My research focuses on digital media practices, the creation of selves in social media, the socio-political outcomes of online media-making and media-receiving practices, and theoretical issues of subjectivity, technology, and mediation.

Email:  ashiva@mail.ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Sociocultural Anthropology

Ethnicity, ritual, political performance, cross-border mobility and citizenship, global indigeneity, social transformation, state restructuring, development; South Asia, the Himalayas, Nepal, India, Tibetan areas of China.

Phone: 604-822-4387
Email: sara.shneiderman@ubc.ca

Assistant Professor, Anthropological Archaeology

Biomolecular archaeology; environmental archaeology; ancient DNA and protein analysis; human-animal interactions; animal domestication; marine ecosystems and biogeography

Email: camilla.speller@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Linguistic/Sociocultural Anthropology 

Language endangerment, reclamation and revitalization; Indigeneity; decolonization; language ideology; linguistic policy & identity; oral traditions; digital ethnography & archives; the Himalayan region (particularly Nepal, northern India and Bhutan) and First Nations and Indigenous languages.

Phone: 604-827-0613

Email: mark.turin@ubc.ca

Associate Professor, Anthropological Archaeology/Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology, human osteoarchaeology, palaeopathology, Caribbean, W. Europe, NW Coast

Phone: 604-822-6897

Email: darlene.weston@ubc.ca